Rates overview of our escort ladies

Please hand over the agreed fee to the independent escort lady at the beginning of the date. If possible, please refrain from using 500 € bills.

Alternatively, you have the option of paying the fee by bank transfer or cash payment to a neutral foreign money account of the placement agency.

Our agency has a power of attorney for the independent escort lady.

Please note that if you extend the date after four hours, the independent escort ladies charge €150 for each additional hour, unless you have decided at the beginning of the date for the entire booking period. Since the fees from 3 hours are discounted flat rates for direct booking or decision at the beginning of the meeting

We hereby expressly point out that our agency only provides a pure agency service and that we are not responsible for the actions of the individual escort ladies and that they are self-employed and act on their own behalf and for their own account.

The escort lady's fee is understood as payment for the time spent by the self-employed lady with the customer and not for "special services".

The travel expenses can be found in the respective table on the women's pages.

2h450 €500 €600 €from € 700
3h570 €600 €750 €from € 850
4h670 €700 €900 €from € 1.000
6h850 €900 €1.100 €from € 1.200
8h1.000 €1.050 €1.350 €from € 1.400
12h1.250 €1.350 €1.500 €from € 1.700
16h1.450 €1.550 €1.700 €from € 1.900
24 hours / 1 day1.850 €2.100 €2.300 €from € 2.500
2 days2.650 €3.150 €3.400 €from € 3.800
3 days3.450 €3.850 €4.300 €from € 4.500
7 days / 1 week4.950 €5.950 €7.000 €from € 7.500

As a placement agency, we only establish contact between you and your VIP escort companion. The ladies work independently, ie they alone determine what fees they charge. Please see this as a pure expense allowance for the booked time. Whatever you do together, you negotiate directly with your booked luxury escort model. If you have special wishes, we, as a reputable exclusive escort service, will be happy to advise you on the selection of your lady.

Our claim is that both our customers and the high-class escort ladies should feel comfortable.

This turns the discreet and passionate date into an unforgettable experience for both sides, which does not rule out a repetition. Many a one-night stand has turned into a romantic girlfriend experience.